All Things New

Whomever you are, wherever you are from, you are welcome here.

Rising Hope Ministries  is a safe place of rest and restoration! Here you are not judged by your past, not are you reject by your past. Rising Hope Ministries has many opportunities to help you to over come your past so you can move into all the great things that God has for you.

Type Of Messages

Rising Hope Ministries does not have the traditional type of praise and worship service that you have come accustom to. We have messages that are delivered in several ways. We do believe in all forms of worship including music, preaching and teaching to name a few. This is designed for you to set the type of worship service you need. If you need inspiration then select an inspirational message. If you need motivation then pick a motivational message. We are constantly adding content for you to select from

Daily Word Of Encouragement

Word Of Affirmation

Seeds of Hope

The Daily Word Of Encouragement is a short 15 to 30 minute Word of inspiration or motivation. These are daily devotionals

Words Of Affirmation are 3 to 5 min short Motivational and/or Inspirational clips and prayers.

Seeds Of Hope are short prayers that will empower or encourage through a difficult time or situation.

A Church with No Walls or Borders!

Rising Hope Ministries has no boundaries!