Breaking Boundaries Fitness

    Rising Hope Ministries believes that we should restore the temple of God. We have been rough on the temple in which God has given us. If you are like me I have spent years damaging the temple of God with my emotional eating, and I was not eating anything healthy. Smoking, drinking and the use of drugs have all taken its toll on the temple of God. We do have a chance to repair and restore the temple which God has given us it is not too late.

    I am happy and proud to say that Rising Hope Ministries has teamed up with K.N.B. Fitness to offer a complete fitness awareness program. Robert Neal the owner and founder of K.N.B. Fitness is a personal trainer that educates his clients not only on the physical aspect of a workout but the nutritional needs of the body. The ministers of Rising Hope Ministries will help work on the mind and the spiritual side brings wholeness and balance into our lives.

This program includes the following:

60 minutes workout sessions
30 Minutes Nutrition Classes
3 days a week
Suggested Weekly Menus
Optional Services:
Weekly Meal Prep

There is a fee for this program:
If you are a registered member of Rising Hope Ministries you will recieve a special discount.

Non-Member price per quarter $75.00
Member price per quarter$60.00

Non-Member price per monthly $30.00
Member price per Month $25.00

Non-Member price per Sessions $20.00
Member price per Sessions $15.00