Ministers & Staff

J.C. Yarde

Executive Minister

Minister J.C. Yarde raised in Las Vegas, NV, where he went to high school at Green Valley High School graduated in 1993. Then J.C. Yarde attended Johnson & Whales University.                  
Minister J.C. Yarde entrepreneurial skill was evident early has his first business was washing cars, and mowing lawns in his neighborhood. Then Moving on the designing and selling custom made t-shirts. After returning from Johnson & Whales Minister J.C. Yarde had an impressive run of companies. From mortgage company to warehouse company. J.C. Yarde fellow worldly business practices which caused his companies to fold after short success. After a short time in the prison system for bouncing checks. Minister J.C. Yarde found his true calling in the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
     Minister J.C.  Yarde gained a degree in theology from United Christian Bible Institute. Gain a certificate in Christian Leadership from Christian Library Institute. J.C. Yarde ordained into the ministry. J.C. Yarde has a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ. A desire to teach and share the biblical truths using his own personal experiences and his transparency to help others to develop their own relationship with God.

Tony Faison

Associate Minister (Part Of The  Executive Minister Team)

Antonio (Mr. Exclusive) Faison was born and raised in Clinton, North Carolina where he was first introduced to hip hop by his oldest brother. Growing up, he listened to artist such as, Eric B., Rakim, Special Ed, and Slick Rick just to name a few. Mr. Exclusive, influenced by his brother, learned to play the drums and joined the band very early. He learned to read and understand music, as well as play by ear. Mr. Exclusive had the ability to recite artist lyrics after only hearing the song once. That led him into putting arranging his own lyrics to instrumentals. His first recording was from an extended run out of a beat from Raekwon. Even with lacking studio sound quality, friends would vibe to what he had done. In high school, Mr. Exclusive conditioned his talent by participating in a daily cypher growing in crowd daily.
Mr. Exclusive would later have to make a decision to move Atlanta, Ga after discovering he would have his first born on the way in the fall of 2003. After two years of college, hustling, and realizing the small town could not offer him what he needed to be successful with his music; he then relocated to Atlanta.

A.D. Moore

Minister (Part Of The Executive Minister Team)

A. D. Moore, a servant of God and the Lord, Jesus Christ, as an Associate Minister of Rising Hope Ministries born on June 7, 1978 the only child of Ms. Donnetta Sanders (3/14/1962 - ). The first son of Mr. Jerry Moore (3/19/1960 -), a 21years retired U.S. Navy. Mr. Moore grew in the city of Albany Ga. He was primarily lived with his grandparents, Mr. Willie B. Sanders, Sr. (1/9/1914 - 1/18/1988) and Mrs. Matilda Sanders (8/5/1929 - 3/9/2003), due to his mother's health conditions, age, and thoughts to abort Mr. Moore. His grandparents were faithful members of Jordan Grove Missionary Baptist Church located in Leesburg, Georgia. Mr. Moore at a young age participated in the band, as well as attending the art class after school, and making the honor roll as he had always done in elementary school. Minister Moore received 1st place Trumpet in the all the tryouts for the State, County, and District Bands, then 1st place in the Kiwanis Art Club Contest, during this 6th Grade year when Antonio's life would be changed forever. With the death of his grandfather which Mr. Moore, took hard he began to make a decision that would take him in and out of the justice system.
Minister Moore spent some time at Mountain Top Group Home located in Sugar Valley, Georgia. This is where he met, Mr. Anthony Redman. This Man of God ministered the word of God to Mr. Moore in such a way he could grasp the reality of God's existence through the Spirit. It is at this time the Mr. Moore Confessed his sins to the Lord and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. The draws of a lifelong past that were once dead to Mr. Moore was once again calling his name. Drugs and fast money provided a false sense of security where he found himself once again in the justice system.
Minister Moore was one of three people who successfully started a prison ministry team. This team worked to build the church from with the walls of the prison system. While at his prison camp He was instrumental in the growth of the church service from 25 people per service to 120 people per service. Mr. Moore was active in the choir and seen the choir grow in membership as well. Mr. Moore a student of Grace Ministries and Titus Bible Course will be a great addition to the ministerial staff of Rising Hope Ministries.
Minister Moore is currently married to his childhood sweetheart and confidant P. Williams Now with the blessings of the Lord, Mr. Moore can share his love for Christ, in devotions, as well as in inspiring artwork for the Lord through Rising Hope Ministries, Inc. To be downloaded and shared with those whom God may draw to the ministry as he continues to lift the name of Jesus above every name here on earth. Rising up each morning to sanctify the Lord God in hi heart: and ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh him a reason of the hope that is in him with meekness and fear~1 Peter 3:15. Antonio is also dedicated to helping other people excel in the Body of Christ, as a Minister first and for most of all God, before he is an artist. May his life be a blessing to whom is aware of his existence as a servant of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ