We often think that we know what our greatest fears are, and we falsely believe that we are mentally preparing for when we come face to face with our greatest fear. For Some, the fear of losing a spouse, or the thought of never seeing a child again, and yet for others the fear of incarceration is its own reality. We are not even aware that this fear is in control of our day to day life. However, there is a fear that is deep in our subconscious; it’s deeper than we may even realize, from this fear all other fear produced.

            The fear of not living up to our potential or living for the purpose in which we were made for is the fear that destroys lives. The Bible teaches on this subject several times; it can be found in Matthew 13, Luke 6:43-45 and John 1: 1-17 just to name a few. Not all fear is destructive, although there are some who say “you cannot go through life being afraid of everything” and yet others say “The fear of nothing is not a good thing.”After all in Proverbs 1: 7 the Bible says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. To learn about the Holy One is understanding.”(NLT) We should learn how to harness the healthy fear to combat the fear that can destroy. First, we must identify the difference between the two type of fears.



          First, the fear that helps to propel one through the course of life. This is a reverent fear, the Hebrew word for this reverent fear is Yi’rah. This word would appear in the old testament of the bible about 45 times. This reverence fear means that we are aware of God and His presence in our life. This fear keeps us in check so that we do not waver from the path that God has on. This reverence fear will make all other fears seem insignificant while feeding them so that one can produce good fruit for the Kingdom of God.



          In contrast, there is the fear that destroys lives! This fear stems from the fact that we are not doing nor operating in the purpose that we were we designed to do. When we are lost, we find ourselves constantly in situations having to make questionable decisions. Most of the time those decisions only put us in a deeper hole. The fear that we feel from these situations is the fear of losing something dear to us. We lie so that we do not have to face the disappointment of a loved one. We hide things from people so that we do not lose the respect of friends and colleagues. It is why this fear destroys lives, the secrets and the lies become too heavy to bear. In Matthew 11:28 Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”



      In a book by David Roper named Growing Slowly Wise building a faith that works put it in perspective by saying “ for a plant the failure to bear fruit is not a punishment visited upon it, but an unhappy departure from the purpose for which it was created. So with us, resistance to God’s word means that we miss out on the very purpose for which we were made- our freedom, our fruitfulness, our fullness. In other words, if we make a deficient response to the word of God we would not have merely failed to live up to set of God’s rules, made up and handed down. We have failed to live up to our identity and destiny as a person.  That is our tragedy. Not living up to our God-given purpose is not only a great tragedy but it is also the source of our greatest fear.  Do you think that your created purpose is to sell drug? Or war with God by sleeping with as many partners as you can? If you were blessed to make music, do you make music that disparages or curse someone who is made in the image of God? Is your god given talent to cook? So do you cook food to build or edify the temple of God or do you cook food to poison the temple of the Living God? Do you have the natural ability to teach? Do you teach the way of this world or do you teach the way and doctrines of Christ? So you and the talent to build. Do you build a monument to edify the creator or do you build thing so that you can remember? The waste of God’s given talent is the true tragedy. When you start to operate in your destiny and your reverence fear of God then you being to take control of your greatest fear.

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