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     Prayer is effective when you go into your closet and get on your hands and knees and have a conversation with God. However, this life is hard, and the battles that we face can be quite daunting. We are not meant to fight these battles alone. Sometime, you may feel as if you are the only facing cancer, addiction, a loss of a loved one, incarceration and a number of life’s problems. The fact is you are not alone! In small groups, you can share your fear and your victories. There is a comfort knowing that someone else out there who understands what you are going through.

All prayer groups have their own page that is password-protected for confidentiality. Only Ministers who are assigned to the group can access the page. Your privacy is of the most importance to the staff of Rising Hope Ministries. The password-protected page provides a safe place for people to share or to vent without being judged by someone who does not understand the situation.

In Rising Hope Ministries Small Group your assigned minister or ministers will leave Bible verse especially designed for the group. The Minister will give words of encouragement as well as written prayer for you to read. There will be a topic of discussions plus much more. To join any prayer group is free and you can come and go as you please. To maintain privacy the password is changed every 30 days

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List Of Our Prayer Groups

Bound But Free

This group is for those who have someone who is incarcerated. The truth of the matter is when a person goes to jail or prison that individual is not the only person being punished. The family of that person is forced to go through some changes as well. God can see you through this! Prison sentence or even a jail sentence can be hard in this group we will not only pray for you but the loved one who is incarcerated. We will correspond with the person who is locked up as well. Families who are dealing face a with someone who is incarcerated face a number of unique challenges, we are here for you!  .......Click Here To Enter


This group is for those who are dealing with some kind of illness in their lives or the lives of someone that they care for. This can be hard especially for those who are sick with an illness that has no known cure. This can be very hard on the person that is sick as well as the person that is the caregiver. In this group we word of encouragement for the sick and the caregiver. The Bible says that the power of life and death is in the power of the tongue.  You are not alone in your struggles and in your fears so do not carry them alone! In this group, you can share without being judged or ridicule........Click Here To Enter


This group is for families! A strong family produces strong healthy relationships. The family unit is under attack, although this is nothing new and the family unit has been under attack for some time now. This group goals is to help bring families back together again. We are living in a time where we are being divided and this is not good, to start to our society back together again we must first start with bringing our families back together again. To make this happen we begin with prayer ........Click Here To Enter

If you do not see a group here. You can fill out the form select suggest a group and place your suggestion in the message part of the form. A minister will reach out to you with 48 hours.