Prayer Warriors

     This ministry believes in the power of prayer! Communicating with God is a key component to maintaining a good and healthy relationship with God. To have a good prayer life you must pray more than a few times on Sunday and on Wednesday. It is more the making your request known to God. Prayer is a form of worship, and it is something that you should practice often several times a day. This can be hard for most of us and we live and move in this ever-increasing fast pace society. Nevertheless, we must maintain a good prayer life.

This section of the ministry is dedicated to helping you start and maintain a good prayer life. The Bible tells us to pray about everything (Philippians 4:6-7).  That is we should pray for every aspect of our lives.
  • For our health and peace of mind.
  • For our family and friends.
  • For our careers
  • For our relationships
  • For our understanding of God
  • For our mission and vision
  • For guidance
  • For everything………………..
The best thing about prayer to a living God is that there are no requirements! Just believe and have a little bit of faith. With I little bit of faith and prayer, you can move mountains! (Mark 11:22-25)

Join One Of Our Prayer Groups

Small prayer groups have big benefits. We invite you to join one of our prayer groups.

Live Prayer Conference Call

Every Thursday at 7pm

Dial: (253)993-3390 

Just need us to pray for you? Make your request known.