Give All Control To God!
April 9, 2019

Give All Control To God!

Passage: Luke 9:23-25

It is hard to give control to  God that we have not seen. We will profess our trust in Him, we will profess our faith in Him, yet and still when things start to get real fight to keep control and insist that we do not need anyone help. There are diseases out there that will not only steal out control it will still our independence as well, there are addictions out there that will allow us to pretend that we are in control but we are not really in control. There are manmade situations that will take our control and our independence from us. Thank be to God! He can take our control back from diseases, He can take control back from addictions, He can take control back from man! God Want to give us life, an abundant life at that, however, we must first give up control to Him!

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