There Are Weeds In Your Garden!
April 12, 2019

There Are Weeds In Your Garden!

Passage: Matthew 13:24-28

We have come to know weeds as these awful ugly plants that will ruin the look of our lawn. Weeds are also known to be counterproductive in a garden that is producing food. Weeds in the physical world are easy to spot and easy to deal with. However, weeds in the spiritual world are not so easy to spot and are way more difficult to deal with. Weeds in the spiritual have one job and one job alone, to keep you from reaching your full potential in the Kingdom of God.  Spiritual weeds come in all forms and not all of them are bad. For your favorite T.V. program might be a weed but it is not evil or bad, it is just a weed in your life. Take the time to identify the possible weeds in your life.

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