The Discovery Book Club

Welcome to Rising Hope Ministries’ The Discovery Book Club, this book club is designed to have fun as entering into a journey of self-discovery. The Books that will be read are ones that will coincide with the theme of the vision for the church. We hope that we will enter into thought-provoking discussions all designed to help build a relationship with a living God.

Not only do we want to provoke deep thoughts about self we want you to challenge yourself into action. Each month before our discussion meeting we will have a series of activities that will coincide with the book and the theme. Some of these activities will be about deep soul search of self, some of the activities will help your community about all the activities are designed to help move you beyond the mechanics of religion and into a relationship with Christ and your fellow man.
We have divided this book club up into two groups.

First, there is an online group:
This group is more flexible and has its discussion questions made available online throughout the month and people can join in at any time. There will be one live discussion where we will meet via the Zoom conference. With the Zoom Conference you can call in or you can Video chat if you would like.

Second Group is a live Meetup:
The live meetup group is where we will meet at a location to have our discussions about the book and the activities. Rising Hope Ministries will provide food and drinks for the Meetup. The Live meetup group will receive text reminders of date and locations. This is a great way of meeting new people and making new friends.
All Groups are assigned a minister that will coordinate all group activities and discussion questions. Rising Hope Ministries values privacy and confidentiality so whatever is discussed online or at the meetup will stay private. The book club pages are password protected only those who are apart of the book club can see these pages.

There is a small fee to join The Discovery Book Club. For everyone who joins the book club will receive a copy of the book that we are reading for the month, no need to go in search of the book to purchase or borrow. You will also receive a journal book to make notes and to journal your self-discovery. The Fee will also help offset the cost of food for the meetup and the prizes that we giveaway.

The fee is Broken up into 2 categories :
1.         Pay by the quarter $30 per quarter
2.         Pay by the Month $15 per month
There is no contract or obligation you can cancel at any time.

This Quarter Books
January: The Shack by William P Young
February: Growing Slowly Wise: Building a Faith that Works By David Roper
March: Unbroken Curses: Hidden Source of Trouble in the Christian’s Life By Rebecca Brown