Why Join The Restoration Project?

This is more than just another job program! Rising Hope Ministries is taking a vested interest in every person that joins. 

  • You will have you own Minister assigned to you. This minister is there to help encourage you through the process of your choice.
  • You Get one on one Coaching for free. While enroll in the program you will receive one on one spiritual/career coaching services.
  • We are your advocate to our partners. We will be you voice if you feel as if a partner is not doing what they said they would do. We will hold our partners accountable.
  • Tool & Resources: We will provide what ever we can to help make you successful in starting you career.
  • Your success  is out priority!

What Happens Next?

Please fill out the form below, a minister will call to go more in depth  in your goals and in what you are wanting our of the program. We will notify our partners and set a time for them to give you a call. Once  you make your appointments with out partners if you need a ride you can contact your minister who will make arrangements to get there on time. After your first initial contact with the partner you will speak with your minister to see if that would be a good fit. If so then the minister will notify the partner. All appointments and schedules are made between you and the partner.

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