Rising Hope Ministries' Vision cast For 2020

The vision for 2020 is really simple. Focus on God's mission and vision for your life! We have many distractions that keeps us from walking into our purpose. We are surrounded by disingenuous people who keep our focus on the wrong thing thus keep us from entering into our own great destiny. That is why in the of 2020 we will refocus on our God-given mission and remove all the distractions and disingenuous people from around us, because in 2020 "We only have time for the real!"

2020 Theme

We Must first acknowledge that God is Real! Then secondly we must acknowledge that God's plan for our lives is real! Then we must act!

We have four areas in which we are going to be focusing on:
1. Understanding
2. Be Real, Be Righteous, Be Relevant
3. God Made Me

It is time to move into your greatness!

Rising Hope Ministries Growth & New Possibilities 

This is RHM's 4th year and we give God all glory! As we move into our 4th year and 2020 we are excited about all the new possibilities that are in store for us. First, our ministerial team has grown and is still growing. in 2019 we welcomed Minister Tony and we are in talks to bring on another minister that we hope to announce soon.

However, that is only the beginning! We have a new service provider for our mobile app. Which will allow us to do much more and continue to build our online community. We have a new website and new programs! New for RHM in 2020 is live events!

Yes! You have read correctly we are going to start to have live events. We are going to have live Bible studies we are calling the Fellowship meetups. With the fellowship meetups, we will be providing food and drink as we discuss the word of God.

Also new to RHM is our book club! This will have live meetings and online discussions. Also moving into 2020 RHM will be hosting a number of workshops and showcases.