Daily Word Of Encouragement

Receive A fresh word from the Lord everyday!  These 15 to 25 minutes words of encouragement are designed to get your day start off right. If you are having a rough day this word is meant to encourage you. If you had bad day this word will encourage your spirit.

Words Of Affirmation

  One to five minutes words of inspiration, encouragement and empowerment. Had a rough day? Received a bad report? Got some bad news? These Words of Affirmation are here to remind you that God loves you. They remind you that you will overcome. They remind you that when no one else is cheering for you, God is cheering for you! 

G.P.S (God Powered Study)

Studying the Bible has many benefits! 

  • Get to know God In your Life: Get to know God for yourself beyond the church talking points!
  • Recognize God In Your Life: He is the same God in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. He Is the same God when your grandparents were young and He is the same God today!

We are currently producing a few bible studies to upload.

A Minister's Thought

This is our blog page, here is where our ministers share the thoughts on the the Bible and its scriptures. How they use the scriptures for their own daily lives. It is here where we will reveal our struggles, our victories, these our our testimonies!

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