Buddy Backpacks

Buddy Backpacks

The Problem...

Many children get excited about back-to-school shopping since it means they get to pick out fancy glitter pens and folders with fun patterns, but for low-income families, receiving yet another school supply list is a stressful event. After all, these parents may already be struggling to put food on the table or keep a roof over their heads. They don’t want to sacrifice their child’s education, but all the items on the supply list quickly add up.

What We're Doing...

The goal of the Buddy Backpack program is to help relieve this burden by providing the necessary supplies for these children to receive the quality education they deserve. There are two main aspects of this program:

First, we will gather all the necessary school supplies in a backpack to give to the children. The supplies will be replenished each semester as necessary. These backpacks will be distributed to children in low-income families across the United States.

Within Atlanta, GA, we will take this program a step further by also providing food for the children. Many children rely on school lunches for their daily nourishment, which means they might go hungry over the weekend. We hope to combat this problem. Every Friday, we will bring backpacks full of food for the children to bring home, so they will have healthy meals for the next few days. When they return to school the next week, they simply have to bring back the backpacks, which will then be refilled and sent home with them again on Friday.

Need Assistance?


If you feel God laying this program on your heart, please consider supporting it financially. All donations to this program will be used to buy school supplies, backpacks, and food for the children. Simply specify on your donation that you would like it to go directly to the Buddy Backpack program. Any amount you give will be greatly appreciated.

You are also welcome to donate school supplies and backpacks. These supplies should be brand new and decent quality. Due to safety regulations, we cannot accept donations of any food items.

If you live in Atlanta and would like to volunteer your time to fill backpacks and/or drive them to the schools, please fill out the form below.

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