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  • This Is A Time Of Praise April 8, 2020
    As believers, we find ourselves in a fight against an invisible enemy. This enemy has taken the world by storm and has brought the world to a sudden stop. Governments all around the world struggle to fight to save its citizens. Non-believers a scared and trying to find peace in their intellect, money, and worldly […]
  • The Future Is Not So Uncertain April 7, 2020
    We hear multiple times a day how we are in these uncertain times, or how the future is unclear or uncertain. I cannot deny that these times are unprecedented and we have never faced a virus like this in my lifetime. However, I know there is a future! and it is a bright future not […]
  • The possible April 6, 2020
    We have to be careful not to entertain the contradictions presented to us by the enemy. They're so many things people won't attempt because of fear that a thing won't work. God has made all things possible through Christ but we have to believe that in order to see it manifest in our lives. If […]
  • Faith Over Fear April 3, 2020
    Satan uses fear to bring about worry, discomfort, and questions where the Word of God is concerned. He wants to rob you of that very word because in doing that he knows you have no faith. Faith is your belief in the finished works of Jesus Christ in which makes all things possible.No matter what […]
  • DON'T BE DECEIVED March 18, 2020
    Distractions are not hard to walk into with so many things in this world to be distracted by. How we respond to those distractions that occur in our lives is going to be determined by our relationship with God or lack thereof. Don't be discouraged when you find that you've been distracted by outside influences […]
  • Your Key To Freedom January 27, 2020
    : It would be a shame to have access to a million dollars but never obtain because you didn't believe it was actually available to you. That's the same way some of us are still responding to the finished works of Jesus Christ. Everything has already been made available to you where the kingdom of […]
  • God Wants You January 22, 2020
    God wants you! Just as you are, He knows that we are not perfect! We do not need to be perfect to have a relationship with God. He will still give us a divine purpose!
  • Do Not Ignore The Battle Within January 21, 2020
    We cannot have a productive relationship with God if you do not acknowledge the battle with sin that lies within you.
  • The Connection January 20, 2020
    It is important that in this season of clarity and understanding that we know not only that we are connected to God but how as well. It is our connection that gives us access to his Grace and every promise he's made available to all men by Christ. I pray that this message helps you […]
  • What Kind Of Relationship Do You Have With God January 10, 2020
    The type of relationship you have with God is just as important as having faith in God.
  • Relationship Goals January 9, 2020
    We have gotten so caught up in the way the world projects what a relationship should be and how we should treat one another that we don't acknowledge the most important relationship which is with God. Spending time getting to know him is how we began to know our true selves. Knowing and understanding God's […]
  • The Real Changing Power Of God January 6, 2020
    If your life is not going the way want it and you are looking for a change. You do not have to look far for it. The change you need is at your fingertips, it is called the Bible and the Word of God has great transformative power!
  • What A Difference A Word Makes January 4, 2020
    The Bible is our instruction manual in this life that we live. It is the word of God that he placed here for us to have direction and see the design he placed on our lives. The word is our access to a personal relationship with God and how he speaks directly to our spirits. […]
  • Line Up Your Passion With Your Purpose January 3, 2020
    We know that the purpose that God has for your life is real. Your Passion is as real as your purpose, but sometimes the two do not line up with each other. You can be passionate but you job and yet not feel fulfilled. But when passion and purpose line then you can live a […]
  • Live In Your Purpose January 2, 2020
    It is possible to not live on your divine purpose, to live a more fulfilled life you must make sure that you living your divine purpose!
  • Hey You whats new January 1, 2020
    It is the first day of a new year and a new decade, so what is new? If you try to move into this new season with your old baggage what changes can you really expect? Move into this new year and a new decade without any limitations !
  • 2019 Reflections and 2020 Outlook December 31, 2019
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