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  • How Do You Define Yourself
    We normally define who we are by what we do, or we define ourselves by our passions. So the question is where is your faith on the list of how do you define yourself? Is God near the top or the bottom?
    This morning we want to make sure that we're headed towards God and not just the physical things to satisfy our flesh. When we can develop a relationship with God, we can begin to see our relationships in the natural grow and prosper as well.
    This morning's message is simple: Are you stopping your own success in Christ with the things you allow to come out of your mouth? We have to be careful not to give the wrong party access into our lives by agreeing with the negative things that arise in our lives. The Word of God is […]
  • Remove The Burdens Of The Past With Forgiveness
    The things that weigh us down are our guilt and our regrets of the past. They keep us from realizing our full potential! The time has come for us to stop running or hide from the mistakes of the past and to confront them, confess them, and allow God to forgive us and show us […]
  • The Realities Of Change
    Change is going to happen whether we want it to or not! The thing is we can resist change and make it more difficult for ourselves or we can accept change and follow the movement of God. Change is hard but when we move with God and not against God that is a game-changer. 
  • Rise Up Hope Is not Dead
    Do not give up on hope! it is when things seem the darkest and when the possible seem impossible is when you hold on to hope. The Hope we have in a living God will not disappoint and our faith will be renewed and restored.
  • So What Is Next
    We Are in a chaotic time right and there is a lot to fear and there are a lot of unknowns. However, we know that this season will not last forever so it begs the question what is next? When the virus has run it coarse and the sickness and death slow down what do […]
  • Take Heart God Is Watching
    God does not enter our lives for a moment. When we receive Jesus Christ in our lives he becomes a permanent resident and is ready to be that change we need to go forward and see all the things that God has promised us in His Word. When tough times arise; don't give up on […]
  • Stop Doubting You Are Blessed
    In our current time, it is easy to doubt ourselves and even our purpose. The enemy uses our doubts to delay us or even stop us from our God-given mission and vision. Stop! doubting yourself, the favor of God rests on you and all you have to do is believe and walk in your divine […]
  • What Do You See
    All too often, we are not sure how God sees us, so we say to ourselves that God knows our heart. God knows the greatness in us and is waiting to unlock that greatness when we come to Him.
  • Dont Miss God In The Mist Of The Storm
    We Can be easily distracted by the storms in our life, so distracted that we can miss the many blessing that God gives us every day.   Let us not focus on the storms in our life but let us focus on God!
  • Thank You For Your Service
    This year we do have a treat we get to see those who are fighting to save our way of life, our soldiers fight for our freedom in lands far away from our own land. In this time of pandemic, we get to see heroes rise in our land as our doctors, nurses, paramedic, firefighters, […]
  • The Power Of Hope
    These are some crazy times! They are also hard and scary not knowing what is going to happen from one day to the next is problematic. Hold on to the promise of God for your life for it produces a hope the fuels your faith!
  • Love Your Way Through!
    The feeling of betrayal cut deep and they hurt badly, they can hurt so bad that it can stop us from moving and operating in the mission and the vision that God has called us to. However, we cannot allow these negative emotions to keep us from achieving the blessing for which God has for […]
  • Persevere! It's The Choice You Must Make
    Just as faith is a choice and to trust is a choice so then to persevere is a choice. There is no grey area one must choose to endure or you can choose to run and hide. Perseverance requires, faith, and trust in a living God! That is why it is a choice that you […]
  • Trust in God Believe In Yourself
    When we're facing adversity in life and we're looking for God to show up he's always right there. The problem is, we're normally looking in the wrong place. The truth of the matter is that everything we are looking for and everything we're attempting to do has already been completed and made available by his […]