We have always thought when it comes to displaying our faith in God. I had to be in church every Sunday and every Wednesday. However, I learned it is not about how consistent you are in your religious practices, it is about your relationship with a living God. The challenge is not only about our relationship with God but it is also about our relationship with one another. It is our hope the anyone who does this challenge will learn that the status of our relationship with God is also connected with our own personal relationships in our lives.

How is your relationship with God?  I believe to answer this question honestly. We must first take a hard look at our own personal relationships.

Relationships are important to God. God is more interested in us having a relationship with him than us following a set of religious rules. Our relationship with each other is just as important to God. In fact, it is so important to God that how we treat one another also affects our relationship with God.

The Challenge :

  • To repair  or restore a past relationship(s)

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