How Would You Define Your Current Relationship With God?

Everyone approaches the topic of God from a different perspective, depending on his or her preexisting beliefs and experiences. Here at Rising Hope Ministries, we want to meet you where you are right now. This page is designed to direct content specifically for YOU based upon your answer to the question: How would you define your current relationship with God?

If you have never been to church and are not familiar with the Bible, God might feel like a STRANGER to you. You might be interested in getting to know him, but you aren’t quite sure where to start. Here you will find answers to your questions, helping you understand God, his Word, and how it applies to you.

If you used to attend church but walked away due to a negative experience, you might now feel ESTRANGED from God. You might be familiar with the Bible but find the concept of Christianity distasteful. This section will respond to some of the common misconceptions about the Bible and discuss what the modern church does wrong, providing a biblical understanding of God and his Word.

If you currently believe in Christ and have accepted him as your Lord and Savior, then you likely view God as a FRIEND. Here you will find resources to support you as you work towards strengthening your relationship with God and following his plan for your life, including daily Bible studies and prayer sessions.