Missions Of The Heart

Missions of the Heart

Missions of the Heart are personal activities designed to put the Word of God into action in our lives. Too often we listen to a sermon or Bible study lesson, and although we may agree with the Word, we never actually apply it to our own lives. Or sometimes we take home the parts of the message we like and disregard the parts that seem unpleasant or too inconvenient. These missions are designed to apply the full Word of God, to the fullest extent that we can.

We can live richer and more fulfilling lives by applying the full Word of God to our lives. These missions are designed for your personal growth, and we encourage you to keep a journal of your journey describing where you are now and where you want to be. Take notes on the good, bad, and ugly days. This will become your testimony.

Although you are not obligated to publicize any personal details, we encourage you to share your testimony and the trials you have overcome. It might help encourage someone facing similar struggles.

The Mending Relationships Challenge
How is your relationship with God? I believe that in order to answer this question honestly, we must first take a hard look at our own personal relationships with the people around us.

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