Our Community

The Community

I believe that the online community is what makes Rising Hope Ministries unique amongst the vast number of online churches. This community is similar to that of Facebook with a lot of Facebook features such as personalized profiles with pictures and covers, Profile like activity streams, hashtag and so much more. Make new friends or introduce your friends to the community. One of the best parts of the community is that the ministers of Rising Hope Ministries are online interacting with the community.


The purpose of the community to provide a safe place for the members of the community to explore their faith and their relationship with God. As we go through this life we may have questions and feel some type of way towards God. This is the place to ask those questions or express those feelings. In a safe environment where you will not be judged or teased or ridiculed for your questions or feelings. Truth be told you are not the only one with those questions or feelings here is a place to find the answers you seek with a group of people who are seeking the same answers. Or you may find solace with a group of people who are feeling as you are.

Enjoy The Experience:

Come in and get an encouraging word, be inspired and empowered by the word of God. Share your testimony with others in the community. Post pictures or videos and allows others to celebrate with you. Make new friends, join a discussion in the forum, or join a group, you might want to create your own group! The possibilities are endless!

The Cost:

It does not cost a thing to go to church! It does not cost a thing to join Rising Hope Ministries Online Community! We operate off of donations. On our secure giving page, you may tithe, or give a donation of any amount. Most services and programs are free however there are a few events and services that we do have a small charge for. For any events or programs that have a charge, they will be clearly marked. We want you to enjoy the online experience of Rising hope Ministries without feeling like you have to pay for admission.


Rising Hope Ministries has invested in a lot of security to maintain your privacy. Any information that Rising Hope Ministries collects stays with Rising Hope Ministries we do not sell our list or member’s information. If any information is needed a representative of Rising Hope Ministries will contact the member on their preferred method of contact. Rising Hope Ministries will never call and ask for any credit card information, or ask for gift cards of any kind. Any and ALL donations will be done through Rising Hope Ministries payment gateways.

This is a safe place to be open and share, We must caution you that although we do our best to keep everything contained in the community, there is a slight chance that some information may leak out. We are consistently looking for breaches in protocol and security.  Since we are a private community, members can be banned from the community. We have real people making sure banned members do not return under a new name or email. We are also monitoring for cyberbully situations and will immediately ban any members caught bullying another member. The goal is to allow you to feel free to express yourself and your opinions