Our Message

Rising Hope Ministries does not have traditional worship services that we live stream or tape. Our Bible studies are not traditional in the sense that we only have one and it is only held on a certain day. We want to bring a fresh word of God several times a week and distribute them in as many ways as we can.

You do not have to be a member of the community to listen to any of our messages. In fact, most of them are available on Facebook, Soundcloud, and other websites and podcast venues.

You do have to be a member to interact with ministers and other members of the community. It is Free to join! It is free to participate in the community.

The Word of God challenges our sense of what we think is normal. The Word Of God challenges our sense of what we think is right or fair. Word of God creates a lot of questions, which we believe is a good thing. Rising Hope Ministries’ ministers are available in the community to chat and speak with. Ask Your questions we will be happy to help you find your answers.

The Daily Word Of Encouragement is a 15 to 30-minute sermon designed to empower, encourage, inspire or motivate you on the word of God. This is a great way to start off your day and even a better way to close out a tough day.

RSS Daily Word Of Encouragement
  • Faith Over Fear April 3, 2020
    Satan uses fear to bring about worry, discomfort, and questions where the Word of God is concerned. He wants to rob you of that very word because in doing that he knows you have no faith. Faith is your belief in the finished works of Jesus Christ in which makes all things possible.No matter what […]
  • DON'T BE DECEIVED March 18, 2020
    Distractions are not hard to walk into with so many things in this world to be distracted by. How we respond to those distractions that occur in our lives is going to be determined by our relationship with God or lack thereof. Don't be discouraged when you find that you've been distracted by outside influences […]
  • Your Key To Freedom January 27, 2020
    : It would be a shame to have access to a million dollars but never obtain because you didn't believe it was actually available to you. That's the same way some of us are still responding to the finished works of Jesus Christ. Everything has already been made available to you where the kingdom of […]

Words Of Affirmation are a quick word of reassurance. Using scripture as a confidence builder. These clips are under 5 minutes, are designed for fast consumption and application. Go in any situation knowing that God is there with you!

God Powered Studies (G.P.S) is our Bible Study series! Here you can view or listen to the studies. Join the community and have a more interactive experience. Speaker with the minister and ask your question and receive your answer. Explore a relationship with God in a whole new way!