The Power In Small Groups

There a powerful synergy that happens when a small group of people get together and share their thoughts, and ideas over one topic. This is a beautiful thing to see and witness. The Minister’s of Rising Hope Ministries hope to recreate this synergy with our online small group discussions. All are welcome! share your point a view and hear other peoples view on the same topic. Hope that these discussions will empower, inspire or maybe open you up to something new!

Limited Access

Although Our virtual rooms can hold 100 people, we think that a group of a 25 or more would not be defined as a small group. We are limiting our group to no more than 20 people. You must registered for be a part of a discussion even if the discussion is full we will open a second room for the over flow. So that no one will miss out.

Our Rooms & Technology

We use Zoom Communication to setup our small group discussions. They are great because you can use your Smart phone, tablet or laptop to login a room and be apart of the discussion.

Webinar: 309-126-988


Upcoming Discussion:

Do you feel as if your faith is being represented in the current political climate?

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