The restoration Project

The Problem...

The city of Atlanta, GA is facing a major homeless crisis. The most recent homeless census counted 3,240 homeless individuals within city limits, including an increased percentage living outside on the streets. This census was taken in January of 2020 . . . BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic hit in full force. It is only reasonable to assume that due to the massive wave of lost jobs, these numbers have drastically increased since then.

What We're Doing...

The goal of the Restoration Project is to help the homeless community within Atlanta, GA move from homelessness to self-sufficiency. We plan to accomplish this goal in several ways:

  1. Shelter: We will help connect the homeless population with various shelters and housing options. In the past, we were able to offer housing ourselves, but we currently do not have the funds to make this possible; however, we hope to expand to include this option again in the future.
  2. School: We will help enroll any children in a local school and make sure they are set up with a bus system.
  3. Work: We will use our connections to help find jobs, so the adults can have a means of gaining financial independence. We will also provide transportation to and from work, as well as bagged lunches to bring with them.
  4. Counseling: We will provide life coaching services, financial literacy courses, and GED prep classes. We hope to eventually expand to include drug counseling as well.

Our goal is to offer sustainable, long-term solutions, not just a temporary fix. We want to help these people make a positive change in the direction of their lives, so they can start to support their families and improve their quality of living. This will begin by moving from homeless to self-sufficiency, then eventually from a dead-end job to a better job through life coaching, work training, and GED courses.


If you feel God laying this program on your heart, please consider supporting it financially. All donations to this project will be used to provide food, transportation, and additional support for the homeless population in Atlanta. Simply specify on your donation that you would like it to go directly to the Restoration Project. Any amount you give will be greatly appreciated.

If you live in Atlanta and would like to volunteer to provide transportation or deliver food, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you.

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