The State Of Your Faith!

In order to make a lasting changing you must first know and understand where you are in life. What is it that you believe? Why do you believe it? Why do you think change is necessary? Do you even want to change? These are all fundamental questions that we must ask ourselves to make real change. However, and more important we must be willing to answer these questions honestly. 

Every Year in the United Sates Of America the president addresses the nation in a speech called the state of the union. Here is where the president share his vision of america with the nation. How he see things the good, the bad and the ugly, the changes that he want to make and the things he want to keep. Very president¬† want to say as well as every american want to hear that”The state of the union is strong”

The state of your faith is not that different. You have done some things in this life well and there are some things that you may want to improve on and yet there are some things that you may want to change all together. As you evaluate you life and your faith know that there are only two people in this world that can say the the state of your faith is strong. That is you and God! That is it ! No one else can tell you the state of your faith.

Episode One

A Mother’s Faith