Rising Hope Ministries is an online church/community that makes a big impact in the community that we serve. Although we are relatively new over the next few months we will be rolling out a number programs. These programs take money and resources an with that being said we at Rising Hope Ministries are making the following pledges to those who give to us.

To Be Accountable!

All monies collected are placed into three categories unless otherwise noted. 

General fund
General Fund: These funds will be used to finance the programs that we are currently running. These funds also take care of the day to day operations of Rising Hope Ministries. Members of Rising Hope Ministries will receive a quarterly report of all fund and how the funds were spent with receipts. 80% of all monies collected go into the general fund.

Reserves: This is monies that we will hold for rainy days. If we do not have enough in the general fund to pay for the day to day operations of Rising Hope Ministries we will pay any outstanding balances with the reserve accounts. 10% of fund collect go into the rainy day account and this is a saving account.

Administration: These funds will be used to pay ministers and other admin personnel. Under the guidelines of Rising Hope Ministries Inc ministers and admin, personnel has a cap on how much they can get paid. In the event that there is a surplus in this account the surplus will be transferred to the reserve account. 10% of the money collected will go to administration.

If money is given to a certain program or purpose 80% of the funds will go to the cause or program designated for. 10% will go to reserves and 10% will go to admin. However, the 10% that goes to admin will only pay the administration personnel working on the program in which the money was given. In the case their is a surplus  funds will go to the reserve account.


Reports are only given to members on Rising Hope Ministries. Quarterly reports are emailed to members who joined through the website. Facebook member. will have to request a copy on the report and provide their email address to where they want the report sent.

All member will have an opportunity to have any of their questions by an admin employee or minister who worked on the quarterly report.

In the event, a member feels as if their question was not answered to their satisfaction they can request to speak with a board member.

Reports will NOT names of members and how much a member has given. This information is confidential and will remain as such.

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