Rising Hope Ministries Inc. is a non-profit religious organization, whose purpose is  about putting into action the Gospel of Our Lord Christ Jesus in the lives of the lost generation and to the forgotten people.

No Judgement Here:

Lets face the facts, it is hard to participate in a religious organization without feeling like you are being judged. Well I can promise that there is no one here who can claim to be perfect in anyway! We all have a past that we are not proud of and with that being said no minister from Rising Hope Ministry will ever judge you for your past. In fact we go to considerable length to make sure that you do not feel as if we are passing judgement on you. We really want you to come as you are! We will meet you where you are! We have no expectations just want the chance to share the Gospel with you.

Personal Interaction With A Minister!

Our Ministers want to have a personal relationship with you! We honestly and genuinely care about you and  about what is happen in your life. Our ministers will take the time to get to know you and who you are. They will do this by offering one on one interaction with chats session or phone calls. As well as we want you to get to know our ministers and who they are. Find out that our minister are human just like you. We feel that this builds a foundation of trust and a place where you can feel comfortable in releasing.

Small Groups

Small groups can be powerful! In a small group, you can realize that you are not the only one that shares in a certain line of thinking. It is always nice to know that you are not alone in your beliefs. Learning and understanding are also magnified in a small group setting. When a small group that is interactive and participating in getting their questions answered everyone has a chance to learn and expand their understanding.

More Than Just A Church

Rising Hope Ministries is more than just a church! Yes, we want to share the Gospel Of Jesus Christ however, we want to do more than just share on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night.  Rising Hope Ministries is about activating the gospel in your everyday life! This is why we give an encouraging word every day! and have a daily reading every day, but it is more than just that. Our Ministers are here to answer your questions, they are here to help you recognize the movement of God in your everyday life. Rising Hope Ministries is not about the religious aspects of Christianity no we are about helping you build a very personal one on one relationship with the living God. Rising Hope Ministries is about putting the Gospel of Jesus Christ into action! 


Rising Hope Ministries is new, however, we have plans to set up many different programs to help the communities in which we serve.  Since we are a young organization and limited in our resources an reach, Rising Hope Ministries will start closest to home and expand outwards.


Rising Hope Ministries uses many different technological systems to make this online church. We use zoom communication for our virtual meeting rooms, webinars and online workshops. We manage  our groups via Facebook. We are on several social media platforms. By using technology we can make the biggest impact in getting the Gospel of Jesus Christ out there.

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